First UL520iS to fly in the UK

The team are thrilled to share the news of the first UL520iS 200hp engine to fly in the UK.  Paul Price, an amateur aircraft builder, crafted this fine example of the Just Aircraft SuperSTOL XL  – and wanted to install the finest engine as part of that journey – choosing the 200Hp UL520iS with a swivel oil pick-up, to accommodate the higher than usual angles of operation achievable with this aircraft type. The ULPower swivel pick-up option, available for the whole range of ULPower engines, allows angles of climb to as much as 80 degrees (+/-40 degrees normally). The swivel pick-up is a ‘sub-set’ of the aerobatic engine version ( )

The attention to detail on this home-built aircraft is truly exceptional. Even as you walk up to the plane you can sense that it is 100% craftsmanship, topped off with 100% love of engineering and building things.  It is not surprising that the first flight was so sweet!

The UK LAA (  provided oversight of the build, and gave the go-ahead for test flights earlier this month (March 2018). The test pilot was thrilled with the behaviour of the plane and the engine – and the shared video simply does not do this project justice!

Bob Pooler, Director of Avalanche Aircraft ( the importer of the Just Aircraft kit range, already has his own SuperSTOL and after seeing the video is chomping at the bit to get the XL version for himself now that he has seen the improved performance the aircraft variant has with the UL520iS upfront!

Jonathan Porter of Metal Seagulls (the UK agent for ULPower –, carried out an installation inspection of the engine prior to clearance for first flights, and tell us “Paul has worked to the finest of detail on this build.  When the engine was fired up during the test checklist, the purr of the 6-cylinders was so quiet that we didn’t need headsets to hear each other. We offer Paul our heartiest congratulations on his achievements…” adding in a hushed tone, “…can’t wait to get a flight myself!”

Enjoy the video, and remember that building and flying your own aircraft, with a beautifully smooth ULPower Aero Engine, is something that is very achievable with the great teams around the world to help you.  Contact your local ULPower dealer to find out more ….