Les Elliott – The ULPower Wizard of Oz

ULPower engine users in Australia all know Les – and if you are in Australia or New Zealand and are looking at an ULPower Aero Engine solution, Les is your man!

Les’s company is called Corvus Aero Australia, and is based out of sunny Melbourne.  So, ULPower News decided to learn bit more about the ‘down under’ dealer and his love of aviation.

Les has a lifetime experience in aviation. He has been flying for 15 years and holds a recreation pilots certificate and a PPL (Private Pilot Licence).  A few years ago, but he won’t say exactly how many, he took his first job working in the test section of the Australian Government Aircraft Factories at  Fishermans Bend, Victoria.

From this early exposure, Les has built upon his aviation experiences and started Corvus Aero about ten years ago. Corvus supplies light sport aircraft engines and instrumentation to flying enthusiasts throughout Australia and New Zealand. When asked what makes his business so special,  he smiles and with a cheery voice answers, “Quality, safety and customer service are the cornerstones of our business.”

Les also informs us that he is pretty fussy about what he offers, “I only offer aircraft engines and instruments that meet my uncompromising standards. Corvus focuses on quality and safety in all that it offers.”

Corvus are not only offering ULPower, not at all – they offer full support with their exclusive distribution position for Australia and New Zealand of  UL Power, MW Fly, Frontline Avionics, Sterna Propellers and they are also a distributor for FlyLeds.

Intrigued, I asked Les what his own plane is, to discover he is building a Falcomposite Furio to accompany his Gardan GY80.



Clearly passionate about his flying, he explains that his most memorable flight was flying with the late Tamas Nadas, the Hungarian pilot and European Freestyle Aerobatic Champion.  “We were flying in his dual seat Extra 300, flying out of a disused Russian military base, near Budapest. It was forty minutes of awesome flying, which left me both exhillarated and exhausted!” he exclaimed, reliving the moment with his eyes as his hands made some sort of aerobatic gesture.

When asked about his reasons for being passionate about ULPower Aero Engines he explains, in his matter of fact way, “ULPower engines are light, simple economical to own and operate and they don’t rev hard. I have believed in these engines for near on 8 years, and enjoy the trust and friendship that has developed with the ULPower team and my builders and flyers over the years.”

I pushed him a bit further to see if he had a favourite engine in the range, and after a moments thought he beamed “For sure it would be the 140/160hp UL390i/iS. This line of engines is so sweet and smooth, and offer great economy.  I was with the development team in Belgium when they first ran this engine!”

What more could you ask for from your ULPower Wizard of Oz, but there is more…

Les is the appointed meet co-ordinator for the Sport Aircraft Association of Australia (Chapter 20).  They hold several meetings per year.  Many of the builders are working on Van’s RV models – and it is a great place to share ideas and meet others interested in building their own aircraft – as well as Les!

You can find Les’s adverts in the local aviation press in his area.  Whether you are based in Australia or New Zealand, or are passing through and want to talk ULPower, Les really is the man to speak to!  Click here to visit his website and find out more http://corvusaero.com.au/