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FLY13 has been appointed as official sales and service center for ULPower Aero Engines in Romania.

Fly 13 , based in  Tarlungeni, Brasov county, has been appointed as official sales and service center for ULPower in Romania. Apart from being ULP dealer they are also distributor for  Aeropup aeroplanes, Kaspar Aero, Oratex, and Simoni.  The Fly 13 team specialized in TIG welding, metal machining, aircraft maintenance also offers kits for home-builders (builder-assist is also offered) and theoretical courses for ULM (ULtralight/Microlight) & PPL (Private Pilots Licence).

 Mihai Floriean, the managing director , was intrigued by  the ULPower engines and decided to meet the ULP team at Aero Friedrichshafen.

“Meeting the ULP team, discovering the engines’  technical specifications with their modern technology combining  fuel injection and fadec, really made the trip to Germany worth while.   The fuel injection technology, which has been implemented in auto industry for many years and has proven its succes,  should become standard in small aviation as well. It would have a positive impact on safety,” he claims.

 When asked how he got involved in aviation, he answers enthusiastically: “I became obsessed by aviation at an early age. My first memories regarding aviation come from when I was about 3 years old (even before kindergarten) and I was dreaming of working on my own airplane on a grass airfield.  It is a strange thing since I have no relatives  working in aviation and during that era (1982) I was living under communism where access to the media was heavily restricted & censored by the authorities.  Despite my desire to become a pilot, I was prohibited by medics to become one due to health problems, so in my school / high school years I turned into airplane models and later went to the Aerospace Engineering University. After graduation I was hired by the National Aerospace Research Institute and one day I decided to have a thorough medical check again at the military hospital, aviation department. That was one of the best decisions I made in my life because it finally opened up the skies for me, medics said I was in perfect health so I immediately started to find ways to get my wings.  Although I flew with glider, balloon, helicopter, trike, airplane and  loved each and every flight, I remained loyal to my first love: airplanes.”

Mihai has followed a training class at the ULPower factory in Belgium and will gladly inform you about the features and benefits of the ULP engines.  You can contact Mihai per  E-mail:  or give him a call on  : +40723.051.596.

But beware : he might contaminate you with his love for these fantastic engines.