The fastest wiring check….

When we build our planes and install a shiny new engine, we get it out onto the apron (ramp) and after the appropriate checks, press start.  Most times this results in a glorious roar of engine firing and propeller spinning… but what do you do if it just ‘sits’ there?

Sometimes, OK more than sometimes, the wiring installation in the cockpit is not quite right.  Identifying if that is the cause and then checking it can take a long time!  However, in order to rule it out quickly the smart folks in the ULPower Aero Engine troubleshooting team came up with what is probably the fastest wiring check for any engine out there!

Using the T080003 wiring loom trouble-shooting tool, much (not all) of your cockpit wiring and electrical systems can be isolated and an alternative power source installed in a matter of minutes!

Simply disconnect the ‘consumer’ ECU connector (the smaller one of the two) and connect the trouble shooting loom in its place.  This isolates much of the airframe electrics.

If you are not 100% certain that your start button works, now is a good time to check it with a multi-meter set to continuity…. connect it at the starter relay end of the starter module and press start….that should give you a ‘closed circuit’ when pressed. CAUTION: Treat the propeller as live at this time!

You can now connect the clips to a known good battery… and you are ready to test.

Back to the cockpit, and go through the usual start-up procedure, making sure you hear the fuel pumps working.  If it starts… then you know you are down to troubleshooting your installation.


If you are wondering what was ‘wired out’ with the cable…. take a look at the relevant diagram from the latest installation manual (we have put a copy here).

Take your time and work it through – ensuring that you have addressed the issue and reconnected everything as it should be!


Your local ULPower agent or service point will always be happy to help you resolve installation issues and get you ULPower-ed flying!  Contact your nearest service point to find out more: