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ULPowered Flamingo takes to the skies….

The Flamingo takes to the skies with the ULPower UL350iSA (130hp aerobatic version). Read more by clicking the image, or this link.  Flamingo und ULPower – das ist gut!   Flamingo_aerokurier_2017_12

For those who do not read German, here is a short english extract (but do go and look at the pages – some nice pics!)

“The Flamingo is a Carbon-Kevlar composite aircraft that was first presented by the Slovenian company TAF3  at Aero Friedrichshafen.  This comfortable, easy to fly , 2-seater has an empty weight of  390 kg and can be used for ab-initio pilots. It has been designed to withstand  +6g and -3g forces it is also suited for aerobatic flights.

The red/white aircraft, which was released in 2016 had a Rotax engine and a 3 blade Kaspar propeller.  However,  for their new green/white proptotype, Taf 3 chose the ULPower 350ISA (aerobatic) engine and the 2 blade variable pitch Airmaster propeller.

The UL350ISA is  a 130 hp (@3300 rpm),  Belgian 4 cylinder, aircooled  boxer engine that reaches its  maximum torque of 320Nm already at 2400 RPM.   TBO for the Belgian powerplant is at  1500 hours.

The Slovenian aircraft builder really outclassed itself with  their latest design.   The cowling was perfectly adapted to the new engine and the Airmaster propeller is an eye catcher.  The cabin is 85 cm which is exceptionally wide and has two comfortable leather seats.  The rear seat is mounted slightly higher than the first seat, still allowing a good view at the carbon dashboard.

The ULPower +  Airmaster combination are perfect match for this Flamingo. Together they are a state of the art example of how easy it is to fly with modern technology.”

2 thoughts on “ULPowered Flamingo takes to the skies….

  • Gary Pieper

    Can the UL Power350is be used on the Sling 2 airframe? Thank you.

    • Hi Gary

      I spoke to the team in Ieper, and Yes, indeed it can be used. I am told that there will be an installation of both a UL350 and a UL390 very soon. We will cover it here on – and it will also be featured onthe company facebook page – I suggest you get into contact with your local dealer – – and let us know how you get on – and send pictures of your plane flying with a ULPower engine too!

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