Service bulletin 2020-01 has been launched

The ULPower news team was informed that a new service bulletin was launched this morning.   As always, we try to give you, dear reader, some extra info.

So what is so special about this oil thermostat and why is it mandatory to replace the springs ?

ULPower engines are well known for an easy start in cold and hot conditions.  One of the devices which ensures this easy start is the oil thermostat.

The ULPower oil thermostat contains a small bi-metal actuator which, in interaction with two springs, allows or prevents (depending on the oil temperature) engine oil to flow to the oil cooler as part of the oil cooling system.

Under normal circumstances, when the oil reaches 80°C, (176F) the bimetal actuator expands, pushing the springs, thereby opening a gateway for oil flow to the oil cooler.

Further to occasional field reports of oil temperatures suddenly running higher than usual, investigations revealed that one of the springs inside the oil thermostat had broken.
As part of their ongoing development policy, and to ensure correct operation of the thermostat for optimal and correct cooling of the engine oil, the material of the springs used inside the thermostat has now been changed  and a mandatory replacement of these two springs is needed to ensure appropriate oil circuit performance, and with it optimal operation of the engine



As is mentioned in the service bulletin, engines with a serial number 194202 and higher already have this new springs.

For easy of traceability , these oil thermostats have been marked with a small dot in the top corner.  So if you see this dot, you’re all good .





The spring kit (F2010010  + F2010020 + S3222715  with a total value of 9.05 EUR )  can be ordered through your local ULPower dealer who can also assist you if you are feeling unsure about performing this procedure.