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ULPower heading to the South Atlantic…

Recently reported in the UK Light Aviation magazine of the LAA:

The first aircraft to built in the Falkland Islands will soon be underway…. with a ULPower 350iS engine!  Andrew Alazia, who lives and works in the FI flying BN2B Islander aircraft for the local airline FIGAS, will build the Zenair/Zenith CH750 STOL with a ULPower engine to enable him to reach into various spots around the islands that he can’t access during his day job. In particular a number of pure white sand beaches on islands surrounded by beautiful turquoise seas that no-one ever gets to visit because of their, very remote locations! It really is worth checking out the Falkland Islands on Google Earth!

The UK ULPower Agents, Metal Seagulls, are partners in the project providing the kit, engine and as LAA inspectors, oversight of the project and test flight of the finished aircraft.

The choice of ULPower was to ensure the most reliable and simple solution for the region.  With single lever operation, easy to follow interactive maintenance and troubleshooting guides as well as NO carb ice risks, easy to stock affordable spares and excellent fuel economy not to mention being a proven power plant for many airframes, including the Zenith range, we agree that this was an excellent choice of engine!

The Falkland Islands are made up of two main islands, a dozen or so smaller inhabited islands with over thirty official airstrips. There are also many more smaller uninhabited islands, along with lots of beautiful locations on the main islands just waiting to be explored – with the consent of the land owners, of course! And finally there’s the absolutely spectacular wildlife to see in all their glory; from penguins to huge sai & fin whales, seals to albatross, dolphins to bird of prey, it’s all right there in the incredible Falkland Islands!

We look forward to following the developments of this project and following the many exciting flights that will surely entail over these beautiful islands, and we wish Andrew every success with his build.