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The next adventure : Bush flying in Australia with Phil

When one thinks about Australia, almost immediately the vastness and beauty of the territory comes to mind. So it is not surprising that bush flying is fast  gaining popularity down under.

We spoke to Phil Hargreaves, a man with quite some experience in flying GA and RAA,  but now entering a next challenge:  off airport flying, bush flying, short landings and take-offs …..

Phil clearly knew what he was looking for : an aircraft with  side by side seatings, STOL capability and the possibilty to install a modern, simple but powerfull  engine.

After some research, he set his mind on the Just Aircraft  Superstol and the ULPower UL350iS .


“After having flown for more than 100 hours ,  I am really impressed with the aircraft / engine combination.  I can take off  in a couple of seconds on a  85 m strip . The ULPower engine  which runs on mogas,  is basically a Lycoming updated for the 21st century, and  has  an extra 30 hp without getting the complexity of a turbocharger and intercooler.  It also has the a swiviling oil pick up option which whas especially designed for STOL aircraft and allows me to take-off and land in steep angle of attack    My aircraft “Just a hoot”  will cruise at about 88 kts, so 7 hours at that speed will take me to remote places.  And I can land in paddocks or  beaches; an airstrip is optional . I’ve discovered a new kind of freedom ”


If you got all fired up about bush flying, you can follow Phil’s adventures on

and/or read his story in this month’s Australian Sport Pilot magazine.