ULRead is the latest ECU – Computer software from ULPower Aero Engines!  This easy to use product can even be used IN FLIGHT!

The majority of ECU interface programmes are limited to use on the ground ONLY, but ULRead can be used both as a setup/diagnostic tool on ground AND in the air, and has potential to open up opportunities for in-flight use during flight testing and perhaps could even lead to some new EFIS applications based around innovative technology!

ULRead software is free to download from the ULPower website here:  http://ulpower.com/en/accessories/ulread-software 
To interface the ECU to your computer you will need to purchase a ULRead ECU to USB connector cable, (approximately €150) from your ULPower dealer.

You do NOT need the special cable to play back the recorded data, which opens up the possibility of installing a USB interface to the cockpit of your aircraft – so that your cable is ready when you are (and not back in the office or in the other handbag at home!)

Once recorded, the data file can be played back in ULRead or even interrogated in a spreadsheet for those who are so inclined!  You can send the file to your service engineer who can read and play the file without needing to purchase a ULRead cable to be able to help you!

ULRead monitors the following sensors/values:

• Engine RPM
• Throttle position
• Air temperature
• Oil temperature
• Air Pressure
• Fuel pressure
• Oil pressure
• ECU voltage
• Fuel consumption

Failing sensors will be highlighted on screen.

We certainly enjoyed learning about this new tool and hope that you will also!  Take a look at the video to get a taste for what ULRead can offer you!