Technical Corner

FWF Kits for ULPower…

As ULPower Aero Engines gain popularity around the globe, an increasing number of aircraft manufacturers either already offer ULPower as an alternative engine option or are working on a Fire Wall Forward (FWF) package to meet the demands of their customers.

Not all companies have shown such foresight, which has given Kaolin Aviation in the USA a marketing opportunity!  So, for those of you who would love to install this truly modern, fuel injected, air cooled engine in a new build, or retro-fit an ULPower engine into your existing aircraft,  but have been reluctant to do so because of the lack of your airframe provider offering a ULPower engine mount or cowling, there could well be a practical solution just a phone call or email away!

Kaolin Aviation has already developed a range of mounts and cowlings, and is always ready to take a  look at your project – after all they have a lot of experience and can save both time and money for those looking for a solution! The ULPower factory in Belgium can also offer assistance in the design, production and testing engine mounts.

“Ready to go” kits are available from Kaolin for popular aircraft including Vans,  Rans and Sonex, along with adaptor mounts for both Rotax and Lycoming mounts for a range of other aircraft too!

Ray Lawrence, the man reknowned for solving FWF challenges, says “If you don’t see a solution on our website, just remember that it is fairly easy to mount a UL engine on any airplane. If your plane does not already have a solution, talk to us – we would be happy to explore finding a solution to your needs!”

Many of the ULPower dealers around the globe have worked closely with Ray  – so contact Ray directly if you are in North America ( or you may also contact your local dealer  – Between the ULPower team worldwide a solution can generally be found, and together the ULPower family can help you to realize your dream project!