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Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guides for ULPower!

ULPower.News team were pleased to have a play with the latest versions  of the ULPower Guides for maintenance and troubleshooting…  These guides are supplements to the manuals, (and the manuals ALWAYS take precedence over the guides) but they are more like an engineer in your pocket!  Do note that you will need an Adobe Acrobat reader to work with them – and they will run on your mobile phone, tablet, or any other device that can read .pdf files.  The ‘clickable’ links will not work on Kindle or some .pdf readers – however the guides will still be useable as you can ‘scroll’ the pages like a normal document too!

These multi-platform guides will be updated and expanded over time, becoming a real knowldege and support base to support the ULPower maintenance folks around the world!

We will keep the latest version on this page (which will always appear at the start of ULPower.news)

Concerned as to where to get tech support on your ULPower engine when you are out on an airfield out of internet and telephone range? The answer is ‘in your pocket’….

Wondering how to carry out a particular maintenance job, and forgot to bring the manual with you? The answer is ‘in your pocket’…

Take a look at these guides (currently in Beta release – but pretty extensive if you ask us!) – just click on the pictures or the links to access them, and you can save the pdf to your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc.

As if we needed even more reasons to ‘Fly ULPower’, here they are!

Trouble shooting Interactive BETA 1.2r

Maintenance Interactive BETA 1.7r