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Aviace Group, the new ULPower Service Point in Estonia

Aviace Group, located in Peetri – Estonia, is a fairly young company founded by a group of aviation enthusiast / profesionnals who are operating from a hanger at the airstrip in Töutsi (EETI).

They are already the go-to place for anyone who needs help with the installation and upgrade of  avionic systems and regular maintenance of Rotax and Lycoming engines but got a more questions  from their customers about the ULPower range so they decided to travel to Belgium to explore features and benefits of these powerplants.

Peeter Lail and his team have recently  followed a training class at the ULPower factory in Belgium and can now assist you with the installation , maintenance and troubleshooting of your ULPower engine in your aircraft. And what’s more important, they can also help you with the design and fabrication of an engine mount, the cowling modifications and all the paperwork that is needed for the registration with the local authorities.


Contact  Peeter and his team  at  info@aviace.eu  or give him a call at +372 53431932 if you are considering ULPower for your next project !