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Is this the best warranty ever?

In the News Team we had a conversation about the ULPower warranty this week (see a copy at the end of this article).  Mainly because of the revision to the aerobatic engine warranty conditions, but it really highlighted how amazing the ULPower Aero Engine warranty is.

THREE years warranty* from date of invoice for all new non-aerobatic engines

UNLIMITED hours of operation (of course limited to 1500 TBO)

To our knowledge there is no other aircraft engine manufacturer to offer such a warranty!  Even if we consider our average pilot flying just 100 hours per year, or a flying school flying 500 hours per year, this warranty provided fantastic peace of mind for the ULPower pilot!

For the Aerobatic engines, the previous ‘engine check at 250 hours’ has been removed and the aerobatic engines now enjoy

ONE year warranty*, from invoice date, and unlimited hours of operation (up to 1500 hours TBO)

However, it is worth noting that aerobatic engine users should be using ULPower’s own teflon treatments as detailed below, taken from the “new engine welcome letter…” (see after the warranty document for the full letter):

A continuous oil supply and oil pressure is needed to keep your engine running .
ULPower Engines in general and Aerobatic engines in particular have ingenious oil supply system
keeping the engine well lubricated, however while performing certain aerobatic
figures/manoeuvres, it is possible that there is a temporary drop in oil pressure.
To cover the time the engine is running with an oil pressure drop, it is required to add a bottle of
Teflon oil additive (part number : L0100120). This a an additive that was developed by ULPower
and is not available on the general market.
However, this Teflon oil additive does not permit you to fly more than 5 seconds without minimum
oil pressure.
If an oil pressure drop lasts longer than 5 seconds, there is an increased risk of ENGINE
DON’T ADD THIS DURING THE FIRST 15 HOURS. Only to be added after the first oil change.”

*As with any warranty, there are terms and conditions, not least of which are that you must make sure that the engine is stored and installed in accordance with the relevant manuals and ensure that operating limits are respected at all times. Non-compliant installation along with use of non-approved fuels, oils, filters, spares, accessories, etc as well as running the engine outside of the limits set by the manufacturer may severely damage the engine and will render any warranty relating to your engine null and void.