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ULPower presents UL520T at Sun n Fun

ULPower Aero Engines  have been developed specifically for use in light aircraft.  and are manufactured to the highest standards in Belgium, Europe since 2006. Since the very beginning , the engines  have been crafted  to meet pilots’ key objectives : air-cooled, fuel injected, direct drive, ECU controlled (Fadec) whilst adhering to the company mantra  “Easy to install – easy to operate – easy to  maintain”.
ULPower already offers a  broad range of  four and 6 cylinder engines  from 97 to 200 hp, each with several options to optimize the engines for specific needs.

Due to growing demand from those on higher operating platforms and associated operations, the R&D department proudly present  their newest engine: the 220HP UL520T, based on the well proven  200HP UL520 but now with turbo charger . The main goal of this turbo is not to create a big boost in HP but  rather to compensate for the loss of atmospheric density during all phases of flight,  and thus eliminating the loss of power  seen with elevated altitudes.

With its weight of  122 kg  and its 220HP @ 2700 rpm (maintained up to 15000 ft) the  UL520T is still considerably lighter than other similar engines, providing an industry leading  power to weight ratio.
The turbo charger is fully ECU controlled and an electronic overboost limiter prevents engine damage.
The engine flies on minimum 93 octane automotive fuel in the United States (98 octane mogas) and has a an average fuel consumption of about 33 – 41 liter per hour (8,7 – 11 gallons per hour).
You can also use Avgas ul91 or the 100 low lead but then you will have increased maintenance due to the lead.




The dyno test already showed very satisfactory resulsts which were confirmed or even overclassed in the test flights .   Ray Lawrence , ULPower dealer and testpilot , says the combo of  the UL520T  with the brand new 4 blade constant speed Airmaster propeller which was especially developed for this  turbo engine makes his RV4 a real beast ! 






The UL520T is also available as ASTM approved version. Click on the link for more info about ASTM.

Visit Robert & Ray at their boot (LP005) at Sun n Fun next week. They will gladly tell you all about our new engine !  If you can’t make to Sun n Fun, you can check out the engine here